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About Me

Francesca Etre, also known as Etre, is a masterful Italian Photographer, illustrator and digital artist whose creative works are a stunning blend of photography and figurative art. With her exceptional talent and artistic prowess, she has earned numerous accolades and won several national and international competitions, cementing her status as a true visionary in the field.

She was born in Rome in 1969. She grew up in a very stimulating environment from an artistic and cultural point of view. She is only eight years old when her father gives her a polaroid and discovers the beauty of photography. At a very young age she participates in several competitions and her commitment is immediately recognized by numerous awards. In the nineties she obtained the Academic Diploma in Photography at the IED and afterwards she graduated in Psychopedagogy at Lumsa. After making a series of reportages around the world, she exhibited her photographs in various galleries in Rome, Milan and Genoa, thanks to the winning of the First International Prize, and an apprenticeship at Superstudio 13. In 2012 thanks to a master’s degree in Photoshop, her creative exploration expands, merging photography with digital technique.

Throughout the years her images were published by magazines such as Inside Art and Art Now. At the International Festival of Digital Art promoted by MIDAC, she was classified first both in 2015 and 2018. In addition she received a certificate of honor. Her digital works are exhibited for several years in the Dynamic International Museum of Contemporary Art and in 2021 the Dante Alighieri International Prize selects one of her works which she exhibits on video at Palazzo Borghese in Florence, live on the international web.

In 2023 she won the gold medal at the Word Photographic Cup (WPC), the only world competition open to professional photographers, and thus became part of the team that represents the national blue team in the world. Due to this recognition she is among the few artists selected to exhibit her works in Washington, New York, Miami, Los Angeles.